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How to tag products in Range Plan
How to tag products in Range Plan
How to create a new tag, and tag multiple products in Range Plan
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This article will show you the steps to:

Add tags to Products in Range Plan

Step 1: Go to Range Plan Plan View

Step 2: Click on a product and go to 'tags'

Step 3: Navigate to the 'search for tags' bar

Step 4: Search for a tag

OR create a new tag by typing a new word

Step 5: Press enter after you have finished creating or selecting your tag, and Voila!

Tag Multiple Products in Range Plan

Step 1: Click on the top left corner of the products to enable multi-edit

Step 2: Click on the multi-edit button at the bottom once you have selected all of the products

Step 3: once you are in Multi-Edit mode, start searching for the tags you want to apply to these products

or create a new one

Step 4: Once you have applied the tags, click save on the top and you are done!

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