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🖍How does Colour and Colour Family Work in Range Plan?
🖍How does Colour and Colour Family Work in Range Plan?

What is the difference between Colour and Colour Family in Range Plan

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There are two ways to attribute colours in Style Arcade colour and colour family, each working slightly differently in The Range Plan e.g. Colour Family = Blue but Colour = Navy


is found on the dropform under "colour name" and is free text field, meaning you can put whatever you want in it. Have a very specific colour name e.g. Purple Passionflower? Go ahead and put that right here.

Colour Family

is found on the dropform further down under "colour family" and is populated by options created by your Administrator.

To add new colour family options, your administrator just needs to head to Settings > Hierarch & Attributes > Attributes tab > Colour Family

Things to Note

  • the Search Bar searches what is in the product description only not what is populated in colour name

  • you cannot filter on the plan grid view using colour name

  • to filter on colour on the plan grid view, you will need to add colour family to your products

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