The Power Filter will allow you to filter your products on nearly any metric, so you can narrow down the info brought back (and save you from having to wade through thousands of products!)

The Power Filter - Step by Step

Step 1. On the Product Tab, click on the + ADD FILTER button

Step 2. Select the POWER FILTER from the list

Step 3. Select a metric to filter on by either clicking on dropdown or typing it in

Step 4. Select the criteria you want to apply by clicking the dropdown menu

Step 5. Finalise your criteria by either:
i) typing a number
to apply in the field below and hit APPLY

ii) Or typing in a range by using the + AND button , and hit APPLY

Step 6. Ta da! You've applied your first Power Filter! 

Step 7. Even better you could apply multiple filters at the same time simply by following Steps 3 - 5 again (see example below, where Power Filter was applied to Avg 4wk Cover, Sales AR and RRP)

Now you've got the basics down - head to this page to see examples of different ways the Power filter can be used to get you started!

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