Adjusted Units

Any variance between Stock Units (Stock on Hand), PO Received, Sales Units and Returns within the week. Usually shrinkage/system processing delays

Average Selling Price (ASP)

Sales revenue before returns ex-tax, divided by sales units before returns

Available To Sell (ATS)

Stock Units + Sales Units After Returns, which is how you would calculate Opening Stock on Hand (OSOH) manually, however, ATS and OSOH have few differences.

ATS differs from OSOH in the following ways:

  • ATS includes inventory that was DELIVERED during the period (OSOH does not)

  • ATS excludes inventory that was returned or transferred out during the period (whereas this WILL show up in OSOH)

If there are no transfers or Intake ATS will equal OSOH

Average 4-week Cover (Avg 4wk Cover)

Current Week's Stock Units / Average Sales Units (after returns) of the last 4 weeks

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Mapped directly from source system, or calculated by taking cost price x sales units after returns

Conversion Rate % Gross (CR% (G))

Sales $ Before Returns / Page views

Conversion Rate % Net (CR% (N))

Sales $ After Returns / Page views

Click Through Rate % (CTR%)

Product List Clicks / Impressions

Discount After Returns (Discount AR)

The difference between (Units x Sell Price ex tax) and Actual Revenue - (Promo Discounts)

First 4-week Rate of Sales (1st 4W ROS)

Average units sold in the first 4 weeks of Sales (after returns)

First Margin (FM %) - Available on Product Page ONLY

((RRP/1.1) - Cost Price)/(RRP/1.1)

First Size Broken (1st Size Broken) - Available on Product Page ONLY

Shows the size that sold out first

First Week a Size Broke (1st Week A Size Broke) - Available on Product Page ONLY

Shows the week that the first size went out of stock

Full Price Sell Through % (FP ST %)

Sales Units After Returns Full Price/ ATS (Available to sell)

Future Orders

The Sum of all units that are on a purchase order, to be delivered at a future date based on the time period selected

Gross Profit $ (GP)

Calculated by taking Sales $ After Returns - Cost of Goods Sold

Gross Profit % (GP %)

Calculated by taking (Sales $ After Returns – Cost of Goods Sold) / Sales After Returns x 100


The number of times the user sees either a product image or thumbnail

Last Received Date

The date on which you last received stock for a given location in the selected time period

Launch Date/Week/Month

The date/week/month a product was launched in any given store or online. For more info on how the launch date is calculated please check out this article

Last 4-week rate of sales (Last 4W ROS)

Average units sold in the last 4 weeks of Sales (after returns)

Markdown After Returns (MD AR)

The different between (units * RRP ex tax) and (units * sell price ex tax) - (red pen discounts.

Markdown % (MD %) - Available on Product Page ONLY

Discount currently being applied to the product based on the difference between the RRP and Current Selling Price = 1 - (Selling Price / RRP)

Page views

The number of times a page has been viewed on a website

Price Status

Price Status is dependent on the time you selected
Full Price = Selling at full price or full RRP
Markdown = Item has a permanent discount applied
Promo = Item has a temporary discount applied (with a specific end date)

Product List Clicks

The number of times the users clicked the product when it appeared in the product list

Products Count

Count of Products that made sales or held stock within the time frame selected

Returns (Returned Units)

Returns are attributed to the week they are returned/processed

Return Rate % (RR%)

Returned Units % of Sales Before Returns

RRP (Recommended Retail Price)

Inclusive of GST or VAT. Please check out this article for current rates

Sales AR

Retail Sales $'s after returns and discounts

Sales BR

Retail Sales $'s before returns and after discounts

Sales U AR | Sales Units After Returns

The net sales units, calculated by taking Sales U BR - Returned Units

Sales U BR

Sales Units (Before Returns)

Sell Price

When an item is on Markdown (permanent discount), this is the current Selling Price (including GST) = RRP – Discount

Size Availability % | SizeA(S)%

Count of Sizes in Stock / Count of Total Sizes Bought

Spot Cover

Shows how many more weeks the current stock will last based on the last full week's sales.

  • When users time slice on a partial week, calculation = last week's sales units / current stock units. If the sales unit after returns iszero or negative then it will show the actual stock units of the current week.

  • When users time slice on a full week of sales, calculation = time slice week sales units after returns / current stock units. If the current week is the product's first active week then it will show actual stock units instead.

Sell Through % (ST %)

Sales Units After Returns (Sales U AR)/Available to Sell (ATS) of the selected period

Sell Through Velocity (ST Velocity) - Available on Product Page ONLY

Average Weekly Sell Through of the product in the first or last X weeks (customer dependent)

Stock Units (Stock U)

Stock on Hand Units or Closing Stock Units (when looking at historical sales data)

Stock @ Cost

Stock at original cost price. Calculated by Cost price x Stock Units

Stock @ Retail

Stock at original retail ex GST. Calculated by (RRP ex GST rounded) x Stock Units

Total Markdown (MD) $

The calculation is Sales U AR x RRP (ex tax) - Sales AR
It is the difference between:
- what the product would have sold for at a full price
- and what it actually sold for (Sales After Returns $)

Total Markdown (MD) %

Total Markdown $/(Sales Units After Returns x RRP (ex tax))

Total Sell Through %

The to-date sell-through % since the product's gone live.

True Rate of Sale (ROSWIS)

Average weekly sales for a product, calculated using average sales only from the in-stock weeks. Essentially showing what you could have sold if you were always in stock of all sizes.

Weighted Size Availability | SizeA(W)%

Units Bought in Sizes Still Available / Total Units Bought

Weeks Active (Wks Active) - Available on Product Page ONLY

How many weeks a product was in stock and able to make sales after the launch date

If a product sells out and comes back into stock it will calculate from the original launch date. This also takes into account if a time filter is applied

Weeks Age (Wks Age) - Available on Product Page ONLY

How many weeks has the product been in the business since its 1st date of launch

Not affected by time filters

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