Table of Contents:

  1. Product Card Updates

  2. Product Search

  3. Product Ratings

  4. Card Sizes

  5. Card Metrics

  6. View Full Image

  7. List View Function

  8. Freeze Panes (List View)

  9. Filters

  10. Advanced Filter (Previously Power Filter)

  11. Sorting Filter

  12. Limit Results

  13. Default Date Range

  14. Launch Status

  15. Workflow Metrics (Range Plan)

  16. Full & Short Metric Toggle

Product Card Updates

The full description of the product name is now visible at the top of the card (previously cut off)

Acronyms for metrics have been updated to display the full metric description. Allowing all users to understand and select the correct metrics instantly

Product Search

To search for specific product codes or names, select the icon below located on the top right-hand side of your screen

Show Style Arcade Product Rating

Ratings will appear on the product cards as default like below:

Hover over the rating to reveal details of how the product has been selling

For detailed information on how Style Arcade determines these ratings, please check out this article.

To view your average weekly sell-through % for the "last X weeks", select the metric from the drop-down to display on the product card. Note: weeks are customer dependent

The Style Arcade Product rating feature can be minimised or switched on/off.

To minimise or maximise the rating, hover over the rating and click on the 'eye' button

The rating will be minimised to just one dot on the left corner.

To switch/off the rating, click the icon below to reveal the drop-down menu and toggle "Show rating".

Product Card Sizes

Easily change the sizes of the product cards to view larger or smaller images, enabling you to fit more on the page

Product Card Metrics

Select an unlimited number of metrics to display on the product cards (previously limited to 5)

Select the drop-down from the icon below and type in the search box to reveal metrics. Highlight the metrics you wish to display

You can also access and update the product card metrics via the icon below located on the product card

View Full Image

To view the full image, click on the kebab menu on the top right and select

view full image'

The full image of the product will appear on your screen

List View Function

Select the list view function to view in-depth product information

We have limited the default visible columns to save you time taken to delete unnecessary information

Click the + button on the right-hand side to reveal and select the columns you would like included

Click on "Done" at the bottom to populate the columns at the end of the report

Drag and drop columns to reorder your report

Freeze Panes Function

Drag and drop the padlock icon to freeze panes


Filters are now positioned horizontally along the top of the screen (previously to the left-hand side) so you can continue to view your products without being obstructed

Advanced Filter

The Advanced Filter was previously called the Power Filter

Sorting Filter

Select the sort option to reveal the double sort function

Limit Results

To limit the number of product cards displayed on the screen simply type over the bold number to return the number of products you wish to view.

Default Date Range

The default date range now reports on the most recent week (previously the last two launch months)

Launch Status

Use the 'Launch Status' filter to see products that are launched or not yet launched

Workflow Metrics (applicable to the Range Plan)

All workflow metrics are now available within the Advanced Filter

Full and Short Metric Toggle

Full Metric:

Short (Abbreviated) Metrics:

To switch between Full and Short metrics, please do the following:

1. Go to Settings in the top right icon

2. Click on Beta Feature Toggles

3. Click on Show/Hide Short Metrics

Thank you

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