Chrome is where it's AT.

Did you know that Style Arcade is optimised to be used in a Google Chrome browser?  So you can still use Safari or Firefox but if something goes a lil wonky like trying to export, it might be because you're using something other than Chrome.

Optimise your Style Arcade experience by downloading Google Chrome here:

You get a filter! And you get a filter! We all get filters!

Did you know that you are not restricted to the default filters you see in Style Arcade? You don't have to just have Categories or Department, you could have Length or Fit or even Model!  All you need to have is either of the following in your products data source:

- tag e.g. "length_maxi, length_midi", or
- a specific field/column e.g. "Dress Length"

Then let us know and we can bring it in for you! 

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